CyberArk offers Industrial Control Systems Security Solutions that help secure critical infrastructure.

Critical infrastructure refers to systems and assets essential for society to operate, such as transportation networks, water treatment plants and power grids. Unfortunately, cyber attacks against critical infrastructure have increased due to increasing dependency on automation technologies like CyberArk Industrial Control System Security Solutions;

What Are Industrial Control Systems (ICS)?

Industrial Control Systems (ICSs) are computerized systems intended to monitor and regulate industrial processes. Common examples are Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Distributed Control Systems (DCS), and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), among many others. Industrial Control Systems have wide application across sectors such as energy production, manufacturing processes, transportation networks and healthcare delivery systems.

What are the ramifications of ICS security?

Critical infrastructure control systems (ICSs) are vital to society, making their protection imperative. Cyber attacks against an ICS can result in severe physical damages to equipment or loss of life as well as disruption of critical services that results in widespread disruption and economic losses.

How does CyberArk's ICS Security Solutions benefit me?

CyberArk's Industrial Control Systems Security Solutions provide organizations with an effective method for protecting critical infrastructure by taking an all-inclusive approach to protecting it. Benefits can include:

Manage and Secure Privileged Access:

CyberArk's ICS security solutions can assist organizations in the management and protection of privileged access. This involves session recordings, access controls and credentials management and protection for ICS administrators and operators - effectively mitigating risk from insider threats or cyber attacks by managing and protecting this type of access effectively.

CyberArk's ICS security solutions enable organizations to quickly detect and address cyber hazards through monitoring and alerting on suspicious activity within an ICS environment, including surveillance events, unauthoriy access attempts and anomalous behavior. By tracking suspicious activities closely organizations can rapidly identify and mitigate them before becoming cyber hazards themselves.

Integrate With Other Security Tools and Systems:

CyberArk's ICS security solutions can easily integrate with other tools and systems for an improved approach to ICS protection, giving organizations more comprehensive ICS security strategies that include SIEM systems, threat intelligence platforms, and other solutions that improve visibility and threat detection capabilities. By doing so, organizations can increase visibility as well as threat detection abilities through integration.

Real-Time Threat Intelligence:

CyberArk's ICS security solutions offer real-time threat intelligence services for organizations to stay abreast of current cyber threats and vulnerabilities, including industry specific and emergent threats as well as known vulnerabilities. By offering real-time threat intelligence services, organizations can take proactive measures against threats while attenuating risks more efficiently.

Leveraging CyberArk Expertise and Support:

CyberArk is an established provider of ICS security solutions with an established history of helping organizations protect critical infrastructure. Utilizing CyberArk's knowledge and support ensures effective implementation and administration of their ICS security solutions while offering assistance for issues or difficulties encountered when doing so. Their support team can also offer guidance in dealing with any difficulties related to installing them if any arise.

organizations place great value in protecting critical infrastructure against cyber threats as this is crucial to society's functioning. CyberArk's Industrial Control Systems (ICS) security solutions can assist organizations in safeguarding critical infrastructure by taking a comprehensive approach towards protecting it against potential attacks from hackers and malware.

Organizations can ensure protection of critical infrastructure against any such risks by controlling access permission and alerts on suspicious activity; monitoring for and alerting on suspicious activities; integrating security tools/ systems/ platforms as needed for monitoring activities; offering real-time threat intelligence reports as well as using expertise/ support provided from CyberArk experts/ specialists/ professionals/ support provided by CyberArk experts/ support specialists/ professionals/ support professionals/experts/support from CyberArk experts/support personnel to effectively secure critical infrastructure from attacks from any threats;